Acer Announces Q2 2023 Net Income at NT$1.39 Billion

Acer Announces Q2 2023 Net Income at NT$1.39 Billion

TAIPEI (August 3, 2023) Acer Inc. (TWSE: 2353) announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2023: consolidated revenues were NT$58.26 billion with 11.1% growth quarter-on-quarter (QoQ); gross profits reached NT$6.26 billion with 10.7% margin; operating income was NT$1.05 billion, up 338.6% QoQ; net income (1) was NT$1.39 billion, up 170.2% QoQ; and earnings per share was NT$0.46 in Q2’23 and NT$0.64 in 1H’23.

The company has weathered the post-pandemic industry stress test. Acer’s computer business has bottomed out around May this year, while new graphic cards and connectivity products have reached markets. Acer’s computers, displays, and most of the other businesses have all contributed toward revenues and profitability. With 10 public subsidiaries and more to come, Acer is progressively enhancing its corporate resilience.

(1) Net income is reported as profit-after-tax in Acer’s financial statements






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